Make money for running Instagram giveaway's

Your followers are an audience that businesses are desperate to get in front of. We’ll help you take advantage of that – with celebrity promotions that work for you and your fans.

Huge additional income

Boost your income without ‘selling-out’

We all know there’s a fine line between genuine advertising and simply selling-out. At Influize, our way of working means you keep your solid professional reputation and earn serious money at the same time. We provide a world-class prize, you offer it to your fans, and in exchange they follow a few additional accounts.

It couldn’t be simpler. An Instagram celebrity giveaway raises your profile, benefits your followers, and puts money in your pocket. Don’t risk your reputation with products you don’t know – give your fans luxury items and let us handle everything – from the photoshoot to the independent prize draw.

We want you to be unique and run Instagram giveaway campaigns that will genuinely engage your followers.

Amazing prizes for fans

Reward your fans with amazing once-in-a-lifetime prizes

You’re in a unique position to give businesses access to your fans. The business will benefit – and it’ll mean a serious income for you – but what about your followers?

How does a luxury 7-star holiday sound? Or a brand-new car? Maybe they’d appreciate a case full of cash or an exclusive Rolex? Perhaps a wardrobe full of designer clothes and shoes would be a better fit? We’ll talk to you and provide the prize that you think they’ll love – then, you get all the credit for giving it away. When you work with Influize – everyone benefits.

We work with you to produce a great package and even contribute to good causes in the process.

Why work with us

Our team has decades of experience creating social media campaigns for celebrities. We work behind the scenes to make sure your role is quick, well-paid, and hassle-free.

Substantial  earnings availableSubstantial earnings available
Mega prizes for your loyal followersMega prizes for your loyal followers
Professional video/editing teamProfessional video/editing team

Interested in hearing more about our current campaigns?

At any one time, we’re working with hundreds of celebrities, influencers, bloggers, agencies, and brands to boost their digital marketing efforts. Our clients are enormously varied – from celebrity influencers and reality TV contestants to actors, sports stars and musicians – so we make sure we create a campaign that’s right for you.

If you’re interested in hearing more about what we’re working on at the moment, we’d love to tell you what’s happening here at Influize and give you a sneak peek at what we’ve got coming up.

We’ve got a tried and tested strategy that will help you take advantage of Instagram’s incredible earning potential – while making sure your reputation and integrity stays untouched. When you contact us here at Influize, you can be assured that your enquiry will be handled with the strictest confidence.

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What we do

We’ve got over 80 years of combined social media experience working with top celebrities, digital marketing agencies, and big brands. We’ve put these skills together to create an innovative way of using your status to get paid. 

For brands and influencers, a celebrity endorsement can push their product or career to new heights – and while some of your followers would listen if you recommended a new product – far more will listen if you make it worth their while. We’ll work with you to choose an incredible prize – then we’ll help you to offer it to your followers. In exchange, they’ll just have to follow a few carefully selected accounts. It’s that simple!

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about any of the background work. We’ll organise the prize, we’ll set up the draw, and we’ll even help you create the posts you need to make it all happen. Your followers get the chance to win something out of this world – and you make some serious money.

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Example celebrity giveaways

If you’re curious to know more about the giveaways we can put together, why not take a look at why they’re so successful…

Loyal celebrity fans will follow you

At Influize, we do jaw-dropping prize draws. Designer jewellery, brand new cars, 7-star holidays to the best locations around the world, tens of thousands of pounds worth of clothes and shoes, cases full of cash, designer luggage – we give them away regularly – and we’re ready to create a campaign that you and your fans will benefit from.

By working with us your going to earn considerably and as a digital agency we can help you engage with your fans.

The types of prizes on offer on your campaigns:

  • £10k cash prizes
  • Rolex watches
  • 7* holidays
  • Brand new cars
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