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Learn more about the Influize team – who we are, and what makes us so successful at what we do.

Over 80+ years combined experience with the largest brands

The Influize team has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands – managing multi-million-pound projects and marketing campaigns. We’ve pushed the limits of what’s possible with social media – helping to transform new companies into market leaders faster than anyone thought possible.

We understand social media and digital marketing – so whether you’re a company, an influencer, a blogger, an agency, or a celebrity; we know what will work for you. We also know that budget isn’t everything – so we can deliver outstanding results, even if you’re working with limited resources.

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Access to A-list celebrity talent all over the world

Our previous roles and campaigns have given us unprecedented access to the biggest brands and celebrity names from around the world. It’s not just talking to the right people that sets us apart though – our extensive experience means working with Influize is simple and completely hassle-free.

It doesn’t matter who you are; when you work with Influize, you can expect the same level of service and attention that we provide when we’re working with the most famous faces on the planet. Our commitment to exceptional service is why almost every brand we work with goes on to collaborate with us again and again.

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The world’s most exclusive Influencer network

We have built the most exclusive and wide-reaching influencer network in the world. Our database includes over 10 million influencers in all industries and niches – from laser-focused micro-influencers to A-list celebrities. We work with thousands of influencers every week – and we can access audiences that are perfect for you.

We don’t just launch a campaign and hope for the best though – we work closely with you both before and after, making sure you’ve got the kind of content that will keep your new followers interested, and maximising your income potential with brand and influencer collaborations going forward.

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A history of aggressively building social brands and profiles

With at least 10,000 new followers per campaign – with some reaching over 100,000 – we have a proven track record of delivering incredible results for a wide range of companies with varied budgets. Our clients range from new tech start-ups and large blue-chip companies to established beauty influencers and high-street clothing retailers. 

It’s not just follower numbers that our clients see explode either – as well as helping to build brand awareness; you can expect boosted engagement, a wider reach, more traffic to your website, and dramatically increased sales.