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Instagram is the hottest platform in the world for brands, celebrities, bloggers, and influencers. We provide a white-label service that will bring your clients tens of thousands of real followers.

High-quality followers

Increase Instagram followers and boost engagement rates and ultimately client satisfaction

Whether you’re a digital agency working with brands – or a talent agency working with celebrities and influencers; if Instagram’s going to work for your clients, they need the right kind of followers. We know vanity metrics come cheap – but fake followers will damage both yours and your client’s reputations. 

We’re a social media agency that will help you grow your client’s Instagram the right way. We make it easy to create huge audiences of real people – each tailored to suit the individual or brand you’re working with. Anyone can take a cheap shortcut – but when you work with an experienced social media marketing agency, you create real followers who’ll become real customers or fans for your client.

Solid social foundations

Grow your client’s Instagram followers and create meaningful collaborations

For your clients, brand and influencer collaborations have the potential to create significant revenue. The thing is, without some organic growth first – it can be difficult to attract the right money-making partnerships.

When you work with the team here at Influize, we’ll support you to put these brand or influencer social media foundations into place. Whether your client’s a brand with a new product to launch – or they’re a celebrity that’s hoping to raise their profile and build their income; we’ll help grow their Instagram followers – so you can go on to secure lucrative partnerships going forward.

Why grow a client’s Instagram profile?

By working with a social media management agency – you can unlock a world of benefits and perks for clients that can otherwise take years to create.

Increased brand awarenessIncreased brand awareness
Increased engagementIncreased engagement
Increased website clicksIncreased website clicks
More product enquiriesMore product enquiries
Increased product salesIncreased product sales
Brand loyalty & repeat businessBrand loyalty & repeat business

Why work with us?

We know you’ve got a lot of plates to spin for your clients – so let us take care of the Instagram follower growth. Our service can be fully white labelled to fit seamlessly with what you do.

Provide a unique marketing  channel to your clientsProvide a unique marketing channel to your clients
Most cost effective way to  boost client InstagramMost cost effective way to boost client Instagram
Over 80+ years combined  experience in digital marketingOver 80+ years combined experience in digital marketing

Interested in hearing more about our current campaigns?

At any one time, we’re working with hundreds of agencies, brands, celebrities, influencers, and bloggers to make social media giveaways work for them. With a diverse range of clients, we understand there’s no one-size-fits-all – so we’ll match your client to a campaign that’s suits their demographic audience.

If you’d like to discuss your client’s requirements, chat about what’s possible, or hear a little more about the celebrity giveaways we’ve got going on right now, we’d love to tell you more. All enquires are handled with the strictest of confidence.

Whether you’re looking for long term profile-raising campaign – or a one-off big hit of followers for a brand’s product launch; we’ll explain exactly how our collaborations work, the costs involved, and how we can deliver the results you’re looking for.

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What we do

How would a client feel if you promised them that one of the highest-profile celebrities in the world would be telling their audience to follow them on Instagram? When you work with us here at Influize, that’s exactly what will happen.

We create partnerships with some of the most famous and recognisable faces on the planet. Together, we’ll put together Instagram giveaways that their followers won’t be able to resist. To be in with a chance of winning these one-in-a-lifetime prizes, their followers simply need to follow your client’s account. When the campaign goes live, tens of thousands of people will do precisely that – sending their follower numbers off the chart.

Not sure they’re ready to grow their Instagram following like that just yet? Don’t panic – we’ll work with you in advance to ensure their content is perfectly aligned with the campaign, so you can be confident they’ll retain their new followers. When the account’s hit new levels of popularity, we’ll even help you connect your client with the kind of brands, influencers, celebrities, or bloggers who’ll continue to drive their business forward.

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Example celebrity giveaways

What kind of prizes do we offer to make sure audiences will follow your clients? Have a look at some at some example celebrity campaigns…

Loyal celebrity fans will follow you

There are dedicated fans who’ll follow your client’s account simply because their favourite celebrity tells them to – but there are tens of thousands more who’ll hit follow if there’s a chance they’ll win an amazing prize.

At Influize, we do outrageous prizes. Tens of thousands of pounds in cash, brand new cars, holidays in the most exclusive locations on Earth, prestige watches and jewellery – we give them all away – and we’ve got campaigns coming up that will suit your clients perfectly.

The types of prizes on offer on your campaigns:

  • £10k cash prizes
  • Rolex watches
  • 7* holidays
  • Brand new cars
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